Vape South America Expo 2019

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Vape South America is an annual Central and South American vape convention organized by Our Company hosts vaping expo events in countries around the world. Our goal is to grow and expand the vaping industry and its unique culture in areas where there is a high demand for tobacco alternatives, as well as areas that haven't yet been exposed to electronic cigarettes. This gives vape brands and vendors that attend our vape expo the opportunity to expand their business and be first to market internationally.

For example, before our first Vape South America Expo in summer 17’, there were around 20-30 vape shops in Medellín, Colombia and a total of 4,257 businesses and consumers attended our show. When we hosted our 2018 Vape South America only 9 months later, over 10,000 consumers and businesses attended, and the number of shops more than quadrupled to around 150. There are now many US based distributors and vendors supplying these shops, and a few even have warehouses in Colombia. We are currently hosting and organizing shows in Central & South America, Europe, North America and possibly asia

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